Zaha Hadid

New video explores Zaha Hadid’s 1983 publication ‘Planetary Architecture Two’

Philip Michael Wolfson speaks with Nicholas Boyarsky about Zaha Hadid’s 1983 publication, ‘Planetary Architecture Two’ in a recently published video by Maxim Nilov.

In a new video, Philip Michael Wolfson, whose multidisciplinary studio carries out architecture, art and sculpture, and who worked with famous Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid in the 1980s and led her studio during its early years, speaks with Nicholas Boyarsky, the son of the late chairman of the Architectural Association (AA) in London, Alvin Boyarsky, about Hadid’s ‘Planetary Architecture Two’. Published in 1983, the folio series was produced by the AA subsequent to Hadid’s winning of the Peak competition, and the exhibition of her work held at the AA. According to Wolfson, “it was really the launch of her career on an international level.”

Wolfson with Hadid and a colleague at the exhibition of the Peak Leisure Club, held at the Architectural Association. Image courtesy of Philip Michael Wolfson

The video, which has been published on Wolfson’s YouTube channel and website, provides an informative conversation between the two figures in support and promotion of Hadid’s early works and career. The video serves as the inaugural launch of Maxim Nilov’s ‘DIALOGUES’ series, with a current focus on engaging those who were close to Hadid and sharing their memories of her in the early days of her career.

“For me, this has really been the stimulus I needed to get on with my book on those early years of Zaha’s London studio – something I started after she passed, but found that, perhaps, it was still too soon at that time for me to relive those memories,” Wolfson said to Round City, in reference to the book he’s putting together.

He added, “But, for the future, it’s so important to record what happened that led to the creation of a 400+ person international practice. Those early days were certainly different from what is assumed today about Zaha Hadid…the woman, the practice, the inspiration.”

Wolfson founded his London-based studio in 1991, and has since worked across Europe and North America. He has also delivered residential interiors and shown his pieces at leading international art and design exhibitions, galleries and public venues. More about his work can be found on his website and Instagram page.