Azerbaijani automotive architect reimagines Tesla Cybertruck

Samir Sadikhov has transformed the cybertruck into a minivan.

Azerbaijani automotive architect Samir Sadikhov has recreated the Tesla Cybertruck as a minivan, inspired by Curt Brubaker, a celebrated car designer whose work influenced the recently revealed, all-electric, commercial Tesla vehicle.

Titled the Brubaker Box, Sadikhov’s concept softens the sharp, angular, low-poly edges of the Cybertruck, creating a more round appearance.

The renders of Sadikhov’s design present a cuboid-shaped minivan with extra room added to the rear, which is accessible through a single sliding door. Although he maintained the Cybertruck’s metallic finish, he incorporated wooden bumpers.

“I just wanted to bring back the legendary design of Curt Brubaker,” said Sadikhov. “This is a personal project, no commercial purpose behind it.

“In terms of design, my purpose was to modernise it with modern surfacing and detailing, almost treating it as a Bang & Olufsen product.”

For the interiors, Sadikhov aimed to make it as roomy as possible, using modern design language and sustainable materials, including recycled wood and fabric. There’s also an entertainment function to keep children occupied.

The minivan also features two windows on the side and two long sun-roofs.

“The whole objective was to create a mood for this car,” Sadikhov said. “An LA Venice beach mood.”