Beirut design studio reveals new furniture pieces for shrinking apartment sizes

Borgi Bastormagi’s recent collection ‘Shaping 90’ features a series of objects suited to fit the corners of tight living space.

Following the success of its capsule furniture collection foll[i]es, which consisted of vertical mini gardens to compensate for the lack of balconies and outdoor spaces in large urban areas, Beirut-based design studio Borgi Bastormagi has released a new series of contemporary objects entitled Shaping 90.

The latest series was inspired by the studio’s founders Nada Borgi and Etienne Bastormagi’s new preoccupation with corners, and the shrinking sizes of apartment units.

“Ever-shrinking apartments are the reality of modern urban living,” said the designers. “So the idea was to create a series of functional designs that would actually make the most of a space. Shaping 90 was born from the desire to utilise those tricky spots which are often forgotten and wasted in a home, and enhance them.”

The new collection consists of various furniture pieces, including shelving units, mirrors and lights that draw inspiration from Beirut’s urban fabric. The designs feature an aesthetic language made of lines, planes and geometric forms, while applying materials such as solid woods, metal, marble and reflective surfaces.

Borgi Bastormagi was founded in 2017, when the designers were invited to participate in Milan’s Fuori Salone with their [me]rror project, an installation designed to reflect fragmented body parts.