Social distancing in public

Tamayouz launches design challenge for ‘ideal lockdown space’

Tamayouz Excellence Award has launched a seven-day challenge for architects and designers to create an self-isolation space.

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many architects, planners and designers are asking themselves how they can create safer, healthier living spaces that respond to the challenges of pandemics. While the answers aren’t yet clear, many are exploring different paths forward.

In support of providing an open channel of ideas, Tamayouz Excellence Award has launched a seven-day design challenge, inviting architects, planners, designers and the general public to create their ideal lockdown spaces that respond to the guidelines of social distancing and self-isolation.

Offering $100 to the top five winners, the challenge is registration-free – all participants need to do is read the design brief available on the Tamayouz website and submit their ideas online. The winners will then be selected by the general public.

While Tamayouz announced the design challenge this week, the submissions period starts 4 May and ends 11 May.

For more information and to submit ideas, please visit Tamayouz’s website: