Casablanca, Morocco

Video shows Africa’s largest Covid-19 field hospital being built in Morocco

The hospital, located in Casablanca, was built within two weeks and has a capacity for 700 patients.

Located near Morocco’s International Fair of Casablanca, on a 16,000 square metre site, Africa’s largest Covid-19 field hospital has been constructed within two weeks.

With a capacity for 700 patients, the hospital consists of four different blocks, with each containing separate air filtering and conditioning systems, as well as multiple washrooms and showers. The hospital also features a rest area for medical staff, 20 rooms for permanent doctors, six intensive care units for patients in critical condition, four offices, and examination rooms.

The project cost approximately $450,000, and construction of the hospital officially began on 6 April, 2020. At the moment, Casablanca is Morocco’s epicentre for the pandemic, with 903 confirmed Covid-19 infections. Morocco has a total of 3,377 Covid-19 cases confirmed.

Nearby, in Benslimane, another field hospital was constructed on 2 April within six days. With the capacity of 460 patients, the hospital boasts 20 intensive care units.

Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces has expressed its readiness to build more hospitals across the country, should Morocco need it.

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