Sharjah Book Authority to launch virtual reading festival

Starting on 27 May, a virtual reading festival by Sharjah Book Authority will offer literary enthusiasts a programme of poetry sessions, workshops and more.

Although communities across the world have been forced into isolation due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, institutions, authorities and organisations have taken it upon themselves to offer digital access to their upcoming programmes. One such example is the UAE’s Sharjah Book Authority, which is set to launch a 10-day virtual reading festival starting on 27 May, 2020.

The festival’s programme will include a number of cultural, literary and poetry sessions, as well as online workshops. Aimed at readers of all ages and nationalities, the festival will also involve celebrated Arab authors, and experts from other regions.

While the schedule and specific details of the event, including how to access online sessions, will be revealed in the coming weeks, Ahmed Al Ameri, chairman of the Sharjah Book Authority, has noted that the promotion of science, knowledge and culture are key factors for the festival’s programme.

“In these circumstances, our responsibility towards society, readers and intellectuals has naturally doubled,” he said. “We intend to harness all means to contribute to their well-being by uplifting their artistic thought and creative processes.”

He added that the festival will offer a “unique digital platform for intellectuals and creative minds from around the world to connect remotely, celebrate the full diversity of humanity’s cultural expressions, and share experiences and knowledge, even as the world works to mitigate the impact of Covid-19.”