10 DESIGN reveals concept for wall-less Expo pavilion

International architecture firm 10 DESIGN has released its concept of a pavilion for a ‘country without walls’.

International architecture practice, 10 DESIGN, which has roots in Hong Kong and a Middle East branch in Dubai, has released a design proposal for an Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion. Intended for a ‘country without walls’, and a ‘future without limits’, the concept responds to the themes to communication, openness, hospitality and change.

The pavilion is organised to allow visitors to connect with people, said the architects, and the chronology of the country by discovering its rich history and culture, experiencing its hospitality and landscape, and contributing toward its future.

The formal proposition is inspired by nature and delivers a space without walls, where visitors are welcome to explore the ‘country’ through an undulating landscape. Inside, sits a discovery hall with spaces for innovation, creation and contemplation.

The landscape contains activities for children and relaxation areas, and centres around a ‘Hakawati’ zone, the ancient Arab art of storytelling. This zone emphasises conversation and connection, and is shaded by a dream cloud that symbolises the future. As the landscape gently rises to meet the cloud, visitors are led upwards, creating a fluid link between the present and the future.

According to 10 DESIGN, the cloud would contain four areas themed around the senses: sight, scent, sound and touch. Content from around the pavilion would be broadcast and displayed for visitors to experience.

“10 DESIGN’s vision was to create a memorable pavilion that celebrates the country today, and shares the hopes, achievements, and creativity of the future,”said design partner Paul Rodgers. “By removing the pavilion walls, we are removing barriers to interaction, allowing spaces to flow and movement to be fluid and relaxed.”