All images by Manuel Alvarez Diestro

Spanish photographer portrays Dubai’s cityscape as glossy mirage

Spanish photographer Manuel Alvarez Diestro captured Dubai’s buildings at what appears to be sunset, creating a monochromatic series.

Visual artist and photographer, Manuel Alvarez Diestro, is known for his photography, which often captures contemporary urban environments and landscapes around the world.

Based in North Africa, Diestro recently released a series of photographs that depict Dubai’s cityscape as a glossy mirage. In the images, the emirate’s buildings appear to be lit by a setting sun, as light, shadows and the buildings’ repetitive elements are highlighted throughout.

Diestro’s Dubai series further emphasises the city’s desert landscape and earthy tones, and captures its different areas from Downtown Dubai to Dubai Marina. Many images, according to the photographer, offer close-up frames that pay a posthumous tribute to photographer Michael Wolf and his work, Architecture of Density.

Diestro most recently revealed his latest images of North Africa’s densest cities, which emphasise the propagation of satellite dishes on building exteriors and rooftops. Read about it here.