All images by Deed Studio and Ali Daghigh

A 1980s home in Tehran is renovated to suit modern living

A new project by Modaam Architects seeks to update the interior programme of a 40-year-old house.

Called White House, a newly renovated home in Tehran by Iranian architecture practice Modaam Architects, sought to update its interior functions in order to meet the needs of the young tenant. Originally built in the 1980s for a family of four, the house was transformed into a home for one and now features simple forms and minimal furnishing.

According to the architects, the former structure featured a complicated plan with a complex series of functions and spatial qualities. Now, though, the open layout encourages interaction and communication between different users, while small colourful details incorporated into the interior architecture add vibrancy.

Throughout, the tenant can see from one end of the home to the other, as barriers and walls have been reduced and opened, such as the frame of the staircase, which offers a visual experience, as well as access to the small storage space beneath the steps. Between the kitchen and living area, distinctions of spaces are indicated by floor level variations.

Additionally, a small outdoor pool defines the deck, where a single tree is planted and minimal outdoor seating invites users to enjoy the views of Tehran.