British street artist Banksy reveals new WFH piece

The famous artist published his most recent piece on his Instagram page last Wednesday.

The well-known, yet anonymous British street artist Banksy has revealed his latest work, My wife hates it when I work from home, by publishing five images of the new piece on his Instagram page. Consisting of nine rats wreaking havoc inside a bathroom, the piece features his signature stenciling technique and relates to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Known for pieces like Balloon Girl, Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower), Love is in the Bin, The Walled Off Hotel in the West Bank, as well as the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, Banksy often works across different mediums while providing social, cultural or political commentary.

In his new artwork, the rodents are seen climbing on shelves, swinging from towel hooks, hanging from a lamp cord, and unraveling a toilet roll. One rat is also seen urinating into the toilet while another squeezes out toothpaste by stepping on the tube.

While the title suggests that the bathroom is inside Banksy’s home, this detail is unconfirmed.