Colourful stripes mark this renovated cultural centre in Senegal

Designed by MOST Monti Studio, the Italian Cultural Institute of Dakar sits in a transformed 1970s villa.

Located in Dakar, a recently renovated 1970s villa now features colourful stripes on its exterior facade. Home to the city’s Italian Cultural Institute, the building was designed to reflect both Italian and Senegalese cultures, and their harmonious coexistence.

Designed by MOST Monti Studio, the centre is sheltered by a high wall that wraps around the periphery of the site, providing privacy and shading to the inner garden (although glimpses of the centre inside can be caught from certain points on the street).

Upon entering the premises, guests are welcomed by sparse landscaping and a Missoni-inspired visual: zigzags of yellow, browns, blues and greens (colours often worn by Senegalese people) mark the dominate street-facing wall, creating a dynamic energy that contrasts against the building’s white surface. The entrance is further demarcated and framed by a handmade timber geometric-patterned screen.

Past the entrance a corridor continues the zigzag artwork, which is complemented by a wall that features rectangular objects coloured in the same palette.

Inside the centre, natural light drenches the spaces and offers a tranquil backdrop to the bespoke furnishing.